Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in Nursing

Enhancing Professional Quality of Life

Vidette Todaro-Franceschi, RN, PhD, FT

Springer, Pub. Date: 09/21/2012

ISBN-13: 9780826109774, 250 pp.

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“This is an important book not only for nurses but also for all professional health-care providers who will find in it helpful perspectives and tools for sustaining
themselves in the demanding work of patient care.” – P. Helms,  OMEGA, Journal of Death and Dying, 2015.
“This is an extraordinary book designed to inspire the reader to “reconnect with the meaning and purpose of our life’s work [nursing]… with renewed… spirit and resolve… to
help others” (p. xvii)… It has been a genuine pleasure to read and review this book. – C. Aquino-Russell, Nursing Science Quarterly, 2015.
“This book is an excellent resource that nurses can refer to as they address the inevitable varied challenges they will face in their professional career.” – L. Wilden Miles, The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 2014.
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“This book addresses the issue that all nurses eventually face at one time or another in their career, a loss of passion. The author takes readers on a journey to recapture their passion….Every nurse should read this book.” –V. Hedderick, Doody’s Review Service
“An excellent resource for all levels of nurses…Highly recommended.”–D. B. Hamilton, Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, 2013
“Putting the passion back in compassion.  The book is a powerful expression of the needs of all nurses, whatever their practice setting, with an easily applied method of reaching out to our co-workers and other healthcare professionals to improve our own lives, and, ultimately, the welfare of our patients.”–P. Higgins, ANA-Maine Journal, The Newsletter of the American Nurses,  Association–Maine, 2013
“Todaro-Franceschi offers nurses a handbook for holding on to the criticality of compassion and caring in nursing.” –G. Snyder, Advance for Nurses, 2013
“This book is a good resource for nurses interested in helping themselves or others maintain a connection with the purpose of their work.”–M. P. Aust, Critical Care Nurse, 2013
“Overall, this is an exceptional book and worth the investment for both the novice nurse who wants to proactively recognize compassion fatigue and for the experienced nurse who is struggling with professional quality of life.” –D. Crawford, Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, 2013
“Todaro-Franceschi has done a great service not only for nurses, but for all professional health care providers who will find this book helpful in sustaining compassion satisfaction while avoiding fatigue and, hopefully, preventing burnout.”– Meltzer, The Forum, 2013
Compassion fatigue afflicts nurses working in all caring environments and has become a serious issue in health care institutions globally. In this work I address risk factors for and manifestations of compassion fatigue, burnout, and other related experiences such as incivility (bullying) in the workplace, PTS, death overload, collective trauma, and moral distress, and present strategies to mediate and resolve these issues. I outline a unique healing model-ART– designed to help nurses to identify, heal from, and, where possible, avert compassion fatigue. Holistic strategies and action plans are offered to help cultivate a healthier, more gratifying work environment.

I also emphasize ways in which dissatisfaction transforms the quality of patient care and the need for nurses to reinvent their work environments to favor compassion contentment. Case vignettes and exercises are offered to assist readers to identify and alter patterns of negativity to reaffirm purpose in their professional lives.

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…one can teach, talk about, and continuously act to try to ensure quality and safety, but if the nursing workforce is compassion fatigued and/or burned out, quality and safety concerns will never be adequately addressed. It is impossible to disentangle the quality of care for the patient from the carer’s professional quality of life; they are one. Health for the cared for and the carers is directly related to the care rendered and received; how we care transforms our professional quality of life (and our overall quality of life), and how patients receive care transforms their quality of living and dying.